Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, new me

Happy New Year!

Did you eat? Did you drink?

Were you merry?

I did. I was. Ooft.

Every other diet I've ever done has stopped way way WAY before Christmas so I haven't ever had to consider it as an issue. Obviously this year is different because I actually made it to... well,  past April to be honest.

I've enjoyed my Christmas and New Year. It only comes once a year and I love it. I haven't weighed in officially but my scales reckon about 7lb on. I'm not worried about that. It was an after dinner weigh in for starters, and I can be up 4-5lb on an average Sunday night and still lose 2-3lb on the Wednesday so I'm hopeful that by a week today when I go back to class most if not all of that will have gone. I retain water badly after drinking and seeing as I was mostly drinking for the last few days it's no surprise to me that I'm holding on to water. Anyway I said before Christmas that if I can go back next Wednesday still retaining my 6st award I'd be happy and I stand by that. I think...

I am bizarrely excited to get back to normal. To detox a bit I suppose, cut back on the booze and get back on it. My body needs it. After 2 weeks off plan to varying degrees I am lacking in energy, slightly headachey and *whispers*... a bit gassy. The change in food hasn't agreed with me especially and I would never have believed it would be the case. I suppose a year is a long time though (they reckon it takes 6 months to form a habit) and over the year my habits have definitely altered. On the way back from my mum's today Richy joked of an old habit "will we get a pizza tonight then?"... how we laughed! We have changed. I have changed. And it's a lifestyle change I'm glad to have made. Instead of a takeaway we sat as a family and ate prawn linguine - it was from Jamie's 15 minute meals, was quick (obviously), delicious (naturally), free on Extra Easy (mais oui)... and even better, the kids wolfed it down.

Tonight I'm sat here,  having had my first day back on plan and raring to go. I've browsed my Christmas gifts of Jamie's 15 Minute Meals, Nigellissima and Gordon's Ultimate Cookery Course and have planned my week's meals using all three books.

Can't wait to get started!

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