Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A year in - PICTURE POST!

Last week was my 12 month anniversary at Slimming World. I lost 3.5lb so my total loss for the full 12 months is 88.5lb. That's 6st 4.5lb in real money. Christmas weight off, plus a bit more so it's onwards and, well, downwards. Originally I had hoped to lose 2.5lb this week but that ain't never gonna happen after my weekend. I'll be happy with a wee bit off though and I'll get my 6.5st award the week after next. Ultimately the goal is 9st I think, or thereabouts so a way away yet but I hope to get there by the summer.

Anyway this post is less about where I'm going and more about where I've come from. The picture in the blue and white dress was taken in summer 2011 and the other one last weekend.

Take a look!


  1. You look bl**dy amazing and beautiful.x

  2. Have you still got the blue white dress?....try it on for a picture!!