Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Last week I maintained my weight. Far from ideal to be honest. According to my scales at home - and my Wii - I was expecting a couple of pounds off. Undeterred, I've had another text book week. Well within my syns again, I am praying that maybe, just maybe, my loss will catch up this week giving me a bumper loss tomorrow.. hopefully. With a total loss of 85lb I need to get a loss this week to keep up my momentum.

Food wise, we are still powering through Jamie's 15 Minute meals, proving again and again how easy it is to cook low or no syn grub on Extra Easy. Last Wednesday after weigh in we treated ourselves to a chicken shwarma kebab, recipe courtesy of Gordon Ramsay, and Richy cooked us a family meal of chicken cacciatore at the weekend. It was so delicious even Heather ate the hidden mushrooms which she claims she doesn't like!

The big news this week is clothing related.  Armed with Christmas money, I took a trip to New Look - a shop previously off my radar. They do have a Plus section in fairness, but in honesty walking through the "normal" section to get to it was too awful and uncomfortable - dragging yourself through the thin person racks to get to your "bit" isn't fun. I had fun though, perusing the normal clothes... taking clothes to the changing rooms..  disregarding the ones which were too BIG... walking out on cloud nine with a bag of size 14 loot. That's right folks, 14s. Another size down in my jeans too and even the shoes I got were a 5 instead if my normal 6. Who knew feet would shrink!?

Tomorrow marks one year since I joined Slimming World so this weekend when I go out in my new togs I'll get a photo and do a then and now for my next post. Bet you can't wait!

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  1. Its always fun go go down a dress size and even better not to have to shop plus size :)