Friday, 1 June 2012

I am thuper, thanks for asking!

A funny thing has happened this week. It's lovely, because people are kind enough to be concerned, but also slightly worrying (for me...) - I keep being asked if I am ok. Long story short, I am! :)

Ok. I've lost 46.5lbs in 17 weeks. It is a lot, and some of my nearest and dearest are starting to worry. "That's a lot to lose so quickly", "are you eating?", "wow, all that in one week?!". These are all justifiable, fair and concerned questions. These are all things people will think. Lots of people struggle to lose 3st, but when you have a mountain to climb the first bit is always going to be easy. I am only about 30% of the way into my journey, and I am not expecting it to get really hard yet: I am semi-strict, in that other than a few weekend drinks I am mostly conscientious; I am vigilant, in that I know the syn value of 99% of what I consume - in fact this very week I called Syns online to query detail in their magazine; I am savvy - I am always looking to make my previous favourite recipes, my way. I might sound gallous, but my expectation is that I will be able to lose a similar again without TOO much hassle. Over confident? Cocky? Maybe. We'll see ;)

My average weight loss so far is somewhere between 2.5-3lb a week. Although this is a little above the "recommended" 2lb a week, I really must stress to all my family, friends and readers first of all that I am eating. I am eating healthy, nutritious, filling meals. I ate a massive plate of tomatoey pasta meatballs tonight. A big ham roll for lunch. All free (or using Healthy Extras), but good, normal plates of food. I do have off days though, and on Wednesday me and Richy decided to have my 3 stone treat - a Doninos pizza. It was fabulous, and a delightful treat. I can still pack away a good meal. The difference now is that for the most part what I am eating is syn free.

Anyway, cut a long story short - I am doing great. As my nearest and dearest can see, I am eating well, dropping sizes, being happy. I totally appreciate the concern though, and love the support I am getting.

I could not do this without you guys.

Thank you.

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