Sunday, 10 June 2012

Candy girl

Well, this weekend appears to have shaped up pretty well. After my gain on Wednesday I was pretty low, but after a good sleep I woke up on Thursday determined that this week I'll lose the gain and more. I need 3.5lbs for my next shiny sticker - my 3.5 stone award - and I cannot tell you how much I want that little sticker on the back of my book., plus of course the little ding-a-long of the bell which makes sure everyone knows.

Five pounds would take me down into the next stone bracket. That's ambitious for a loss in one week, unless as I expect the gain was partly caused by water retention thanks to the tablets. Either way, my Sunday morning wii fit body test tells me I should be good for a loss this week, and that is AFTER a party last night. Although I didn't drink, there was a candy buffet, featuring cake pops (my first ever), popping candy, cola bottles, fried eggs, skittles and sugar snakes. I only took a little bag but Richy fair packed the candy in, claiming "it's been a while!". He was right, it has been a while, but our combined loss speaks for itself. We are heading for a total loss of 6 stone between us and it's keeping a close eye on these stats which is really keeping me going. A total loss of 80.5lbs between two people in just a few months - and no rabbit food or crazy shakes in sight!

My first food highlight this week has been my Hyderabadi chicken biryani. It is a bit fiddly to make because you need to make a curry sauce and a pilau rice before layering, and Heather wasn't keen on the "green bits" (spinach), but otherwise it is totally delicious and worth the effort. Secondly, tonight's mustard-roasted pork with Italian herbed roast potatoes, bakes carrots and broccoli. Both syn free meals and delicious. Incidentally both from the Slimming World magazine, my new favourite publication (Olive, I still love you too).

Anyway, the candy buffet last night and two squares of chocolate tonight will feed my sweet cravings for a little while. Well, until after my 4 stone award, anyway...

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