Thursday, 31 May 2012

The inevitable

It happened. I gained. Curse me and my positivity and optimism last week. Curse me a hundred times over. I went to weigh in, and gained a pound. Ok it's only one teeny little pound, but still - I am slightly gutted. Granted I had a dominos during the week, and a Chinese takeaway, but I have synned all that. If I'm honest I don't think the gain is about what I have and haven't eaten this week, and is entirely about ill health.

I have been pretty poorly with a chest infection this week, and the antibiotics I have been taking have been giving me horrible stomach cramps. I've been struggling to breathe and I've generally felt sorry for myself. I haven't eaten badly at all but I remain convinced that's the reason for the gain. I only wanted 2.5lb off this week, chasing my next award.

One thing is for sure - I will lose next week. I am now hoping for 3.5lb, to get my 3.5st award. Hopefully once I stop taking the pills my body will get back to normal. It's going to be back to plan, 100%.

Trust me.

1 comment:

  1. A minor setback in the midst of a continuous string of successes. You will bounce back to even greater heights!