Sunday, 20 May 2012

Boom! That just happened!

Last week two great things happened. I got my 3 stone award and I bought new jeans, TWO sizes smaller than those I started this journey in. I bought them from a supermarket from their normal person range, rather than my previous clothing suppliers which were either a) shops for fat people b) websites for fat people or c) fat people ranges in other shops. I'm still in a big size but I'm now at the top end of the normal range and my clothing options have massively increased.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these shops, don't get me wrong. I've had many a gorgeous outfit from Evans and Simply Be in particular, but the excitement of getting something from a non plus size range was huge. I must point out that both Evans and Simply Be start at a 14 and Evans have recently introduced a "shape guide" to help you pick clothes which flatter your shape.

Obviously buying new clothes will be lovely, but the downside is how expensive it will be. Even buying from supermarkets I am going to have to be canny to not spend a fortune and waste a lot. To be honest, I'm hoping to capsule wardrobe my way through the diet, getting by with a pair of jeans, black of trousers, a few tops and ideally a denim skirt for the summer. I have a beautiful button through denim skirt already thankfully, and will be wearing it very very soon!

At the time of writing the jeans I bought last week are looking a but baggy on the legs, and the dress i wore last night to a wedding was distinctly baggy. Maybe I won't be wearing the jeans for long...

The attached pictures go someway to showing where my motivation is coming from. I really am beginning to believe I can do this.

See you at the shops.


  1. There was one point, when I was 22 (or thereabouts) that I was 17.5st. I was bursting out my size 18s.

    That's always been my benchmark. There's times I should have been in a 20, yet I have always refused to 'go there'. I now wan to make 16 my 'fat' size, and be in a loose 14 before long. Managed it on Atkins and looked awesome (well, I felt it!), and I'll do it again!

    I remember getting into a size 12 pair of jeans, albeit just, and took a pic of me in them with the label hanging out.

    I'll get there again!!

    1. You definitely will! I am currently 18 top 20 bottom. My original hope was to be a size 16 for my Christmas night out but having just bought an 18 I might manage a 14. 12/14 is where I'd like to be I think but we will see haha x