Friday, 18 May 2012

Souper Douper

Let's get this out there, right here, right now - I hate soup. It's dull, and so hit and miss. Is it a drink? Is it food? If it's a drink why is it lumpy and textured? If it's food after all then why is it runny? There's no other food which falls into this strange texture mid ground. Oh wait, yes there is - smoothies, and I don't like them either.

The fact that I don't like soup confounds many (myself included) because it seems such a blanket statement to make when there are so many flavours and varieties available. I can make a very nice soup - I would never buy it - and Richy enjoys when I do since the options being limitless. It just holds no interest for me at all. Oh how I wish it did! It's filling, warming in Winter and very healthy. Full of nutrients and low in nasties it's hard to argue against it. Also, unlike smoothies soup is totally free on Slimming World as long as you don't use oil or butter/cream etc. (Smoothies need to be synned because of the sugars in fruit.)

With the "I hate soup" message in mind, I'm sure you'll agree that it's a little strange that I've spent the past two mornings making - you guessed it - soup. Every now and again I find a recipe which tickles my taste buds and I try it. In the past I've made sweet potato and chorizo soup, butternut squash soup and a lot of carrot and honey amongst others. You'll notice that the soups mentioned are largely root based soups - if I am going to eat soup it has to be smooth and it has to be thick. I'm not interested in broths and root veg offer a natural way to make a nice thick soup. I want my soup to hold my spoon up! Also I tend to favour sweeter vegetables for soup, it would seem. I also demand bread with soup - lots of it, preferably buttered, but sacrifices must be made, so out goes the butter!

The two I have made had mixed results, and as is so often the case in this house I have Jamie Oliver to thank for the recipes. Both are from his Ministry of Food book. I have made a creamy tomato and basil soup and a carrot, parsnip and ginger soup.

The tomato one was tasty and smooth, but a little on the thin side for my liking. Served with my B choice for the day, a dry Weight Watchers petit pain, I ran out of soup before bread. This has never happened before so I take that as a good sign. A bit more carrot or maybe potato to thicken a little more. 9/10, will make again. I think.

The carrot, parsnip and ginger soup was lovely and thick. Bright yellow and lightly spiced with ginger and black pepper it packs a gentle punch but the love just isn't there. I ran out of bread first, a WW petit pain again, and could probably have finished the soup with more bread. The extra bread would defeat the purpose of the free soup, so my bowl is not empty. 4/10 unlikely to make again unless Richy likes it.

So there we have it. A might make again and a probably won't make again. Both are lovely soups but i just cant get enthused. If i can eat the tomato soup occasionally though, it at least gives me another lunch idea. Richy has taken tomato to work today for his lunch... wonder what he thinks....?

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