Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tales from April Part 1

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to MEEEEE! It's also the start of that really hard week I was telling you about. I got through the first 11 Days Of April pretty smoothly. Despite a family birthday last weekend plus Easter its been under control and I lost 2.5lbs last night (30.5lbs total in 11 weeks). I whooped. I hollered. I was happy. I will be lucky to not put that back on and more this week.

So far today I have chowed down on a delicious large mayonnaisey salad, a chicken chow mein,a piece of cake, half a bottle of wine and now I'm supping a cider. That's a lot of syns. Flexi syns day? I think so. I'll start again tomorrow, although with a long journey ahead, a long overdue visit to family and a Christening I can see a few flexisyn days coming up. Oops. Never mind, I'll be hoping for a maintain at absolute best on Wednesday if I make it or a small loss next week.

Of course, all the chocolate my kitchen is swimming in helps one bit. We have 15 Easter products in our kitchen. FIFTEEN!! Eggs of all sizes, Creme Eggs and chocolate chickens filled with buttons. It's overload - who else senses a lot of preschooler made rice crispie cakes coming up later in the year? Thats an activity right there. Thankfully Richy didn't add to the bundle for my birthday! (Thanks Mr Bee!!)

Anyway, i have a long day ahead so I will sign off, but you'll be hearing from me again next week with more Tales of April.


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