Thursday, 5 April 2012

Getting over April

So another week passes me by. And what's new this week, I hear you ask. Well lovely readers, what's new is that I am now the proud owner of my 2 stone award! I am more than a little thrilled about this. 28lbs in 10 weeks is a fantastic achievement. I've been here before though, and they key now is to get through April (always my most difficult diet month) and hopefully still be on the diet wagon, still losing, still feeling good.

April is always hard because it often includes Easter (ouch), always my birthday (wine anyone?) and finally always my wedding anniversary (more wine). It's a month of excess, celebrations and general good times. (Of course, this April has started the way March finished - with chicken pox children, but whatever). The thing is, this diet, this time feels different. I don't know if it's a new, improved 30-style me or if it's Slimming World but there is definitely something different. I am calmer and more rational. Less obsessive and less fanatical about the whole thing. I really think i can get through this month. And I like it.

I like that I don't have to eat "diet" food to lose weight and that the whole family can eat the same meal. With the exception of frylight (oil spray) all the ingredients I am using are the same as before. Flour and fat of any kind are out so that means bye bye to pastry and pizza but they are small sacrifices to make. (I have decided a big fat dominos pizza is going to be my 3 stone treat, and I'm hoping to get this by the end of May.) I use virtually nothing in the way of convenience foods which means eating syn free meals is pretty easy. Condiments are synned, obviously, but if you can't have a blob of ketchup or mayo it's a sad day.

Food wise this has been the Week of Kebabs. Mostly chicken, always peppers, mushrooms, onions, I have definitely rediscovered the humble kebab. Last weekend was cajun chicken, during the week we had a Greek inspired lemon, garlic and oregano marinade. Served up with some potato wedges and a big super free salad what is there to complain about? Ok there's no bread on my plate but you could use your Healthy B Choice for the day and chuck a whole meal pitta on the plate but to be honest, we didn't miss it.

Tonight we are going to have a Thai spiced steak and rice dish which I just hope is going to be as delicious as the recipe promises. Wish me luck...!

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  1. Sounds delicious. Keep it up and you are doing so well. xxx