Sunday, 15 April 2012

If its edible, eat it (Tales from April Part 2)

The title of this post is inspired and supplied by my very old friend, Tom. "You should put that in your blog", he said "if it's edible, eat it". And here we are, since that's what I've done this week.

Let's start at the beginning. Weigh in in Wednesday went well, as I told you. Thursday was my birthday. Lunch was a mayonnaisey salad which wasn't low syn but since it was my birthday I wasn't caring! Dinner was a chicken chow mein (7 syns) and couple of glasses of wine. Now, a day like that is easy recover from, back to plan the next day, straight back on it. But I went away for a few days.

We left on the Friday morning, taking on a 300 mile journey (5-6 hours) to start. From there the plan was a further 350 mile round trip on the Sunday for Tom's baby boy's christening, then home Tuesday. About 1000 miles of road travel in all, and Mr Bee has done the lot (although he did get 2 long lies as "payment" whilst we were away).

We were staying with family (my mum and dad) so it was possible to make some nods towards the diet. My mum had got in Weight Watchers Petit Pains in (HEB on EE) so I could have one of them either filled with lean bacon and a blob of ketchup for breakfast or stuffed with tuna one lunchtime. We ate at our local pub one night (nothing SW friendly there) and had a takeaway one night. It was Indian so I had a chicken biriyani (about 12.5 syns). I must confess to having had a poppadom with mango chutney and a bit of naan (much less than I usually would have though!) Saturday night we had chicken breasts stuffed with my HEA of Philly light, mushrooms, spring onions, garlic and black pepper, all wrapped in lean back bacon and served with corn on the cob and "funky veg" (the name given about 15 years ago by a school friend of mine to a mix of baby roasted potatoes, peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes). All sounds nice and healthy, right? Well it was free apart from a bit of cheese sauce requested by my dad. I was good though and only had a dribble. Our final meal there was non SW roast lamb with Yorkshire puds, meat juice gravy and roasted potatoes (and veg obviously). Evil on every level. The Christening also saw cake, chocolate eggs and buffet consumed. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

To be honest though, whilst the food has been far from angelic my real undoing is the alcohol. Richy and I have consumed more this weekend than in a good long while, and since neither of us are spirit drinkers its all the bad stuff - wine and beer. That said whilst I know I am heavier than last week (my guess is a 4lbs gain) a good bit of this is water retention and hopefully will pass as the wine leaves my system. I have a holiday booked for SW tomorrow night as I wasn't sure when I would be back but I may still go. If not I will be there net week, since I am back on plan as of TODAY. I've had a bacon petit pain for brekkie and a sushi pack for lunch (about 3 syns) and I've even planned tea for tonight when we get home: pasta with a Philly light sauce. I will starve tomorrow but if I can maintain or lose next Wednesday then it will all be worth it.

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  1. I blame that Heather Black for her sharing out of the chocolate eggs! That's my excuse anyway!