Saturday, 10 March 2012

All about the olives

I don't feel well. My mouth is sore with a big ulcer and I have a hideous cough/breathing thing going on. My head is thumping, my eyes are sore. Still, I'm off my food, right? Wrong. I could eat Heather. Or Megan, I'm not fussy. The show must go on though. It's a busy enough week this week without making it worse.

My littlest Bee, Megan, turns 1 on Monday. This means cake. And tea out. Thankfully the party isn't until next weekend so I can worry about party food, drinks, a takeaway with friends and more cake then. In the meantime, I've got the weekend plus Monday night. Sheesh. Tough one.

We went over to Whole Foods in Giffnock this afternoon. It's an American chain doing things the right way - high quality, fresh goods at a (mostly) reasonable price. Fruit and veg, deli, bakery, speciality beers, liquors etc. There aren't many of them in the UK but if you live nearby I would definitely recommend making a trip over. Anyway, I digress. As we are walking around there are various sampley things. Bits of bread, samples of beers (West's Hefeweizen and brewdog's 5am Saint), wine, cheese, chicken. How am I ever going to keep it real today?! We ended up being pretty good both with the nibbles and the purchases (the most interesting being massive green olives and 2 bottles of beer) and I came home a happy bunny.

I thought tonight was going to be a bit more synny but owing to some excellent planning on my behalf (how modest am I?!) I put down in front of us a low syn dinner, and treated myself to a Hefeweizen. We had Adana kebabs with homemade wholemeal pitta bread (healthy B choice), salad, roasted red peppers, wedges, feta cheese (healthy A choice) and some of those lush olives.


Now... is it bedtime yet?

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