Monday, 5 March 2012

Challenge Extended

So on Saturday morning I cleared out freezer (odious task) and then asked Mr Bee what he fancied for dinner. He thinks he is so witty. He answered (thinking this was about as likely as flying to the moon) "steak, chips, onion rings and some spicy prawns on the side". Smart arse. Challenge extended.

"Done", I said. Challenge accepted.

I knew I had 2 rump steaks in the freezer so trimmed them of all fat, seasoned and fried for no more than 90seconds each side in fry light. It was tender, succulent and delicious. I also always keep a big bag of raw, frozen, ready to use prawns in the freezer. Sprinkled with chilli flakes and sautéed quickly in a hot pan, there's your Surf and Turf.

Slimming World chips are easy peasy. Chop potatoes into chunky chips, parboil for 6 minutes and drain. Chuff up (thanks Jamie Oliver) in the pan and allow to dry. Place onto a baking sheet sprayed with fry light, spray a bit more fry light and bake at 200 degrees C for 20-25 minutes, turning halfway.

The onions and mushrooms were dipped in egg and then dusted in wholemeal breadcrumbs (half of my Healthy B choice for the day). I added garlic salt to the crumbs after I made the onion rings and they were crispy and delicious too. Serve the lot with a lovely side salad (not pictured) and you have a great healthy meal. To be honest even without a salad you have plenty of veg in your onions and mushrooms.

This doesn't look or feel like a diet dinner in any way, but it is absolutely free (as long as your B choice is used for the bread crumbs). This was a big, luxurious feeling dinner. Plus I got to feel just a little bit smug as I put it on the table.

You're welcome, Mr Bee! ;)

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