Friday, 23 March 2012

Five a day

We started getting a vegetable box delivered recently. We get a £12 box from Homefresh Foods plus a dozen eggs £2) and it does us part if the week but not all. We like our fruit and veg and we power through about 20 bananas a week and a dozen apples, plus melon, strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, pears, grapes. In veg terms peppers, broccoli, carrots and onions are fridge basics. What I love about getting the delivery is getting super fresh, high quality goods for a great price. As a company they also communicate really well which is a godsend for busy mums like me who have little time to pick up the phone. (As an aside note you can check them out on Facebook if you are local to the Glasgow area).

We eat most things, but one thing neither of us has ever really loved in courgette. Happy to eat it if it's put in front of us but I could count on one hand the number of times I've bought it. Last week our box arrived and in it were two jumbo courgettes. My challenge was to find an interesting, diet friendly dish which would encourage us to eat courgette again. As usual my first port of call was - they never let me down regardless of occasion, skill or requirements.

One of the first recipes I came across was Courgette and Ricotta canelloni. The grated courgette is softened in a pan with garlic and onions, added to ricotta and Parmesan, seasoned with lots of black pepper and finished with lemon zest. The creamy courgette mixture is then stuffed into canelloni tubes which are laid on a bed of passata with more passata poured over, dotted with the remaining cheese, then baked for 20 mins. I have to say it smelled fantastic and tasted even better. I served with herby roast potatoes and a big mixed salad. Truly a feast. I calculated this to be 1/2 a syn per portion as long as you use all the cheese as your HEA. Everything is is free or super free which makes it a well balanced, delicious and totally nutritious meal. And that makes me a happy girl.

Unfortunately I failed to take a proper picture but the picture below shows how yummy it was. The recipe can be found at Enjoy!

Ps. I haven't said much about my losses in my last couple of posts, but I have now lost 21.5lbs (that 1.5 stones in real money). There's still a long way to go, but I'm pretty pleased with that.


  1. Interesting, Andy used to get a box from Grow Wild, then we used our friend Bobby who runs Flowers by Isobel in Blantyre, but then we went back to the shops, as I love picking my own stuff.

    We're now debating whether to get a box delivered again, but it's presently down to finances. Think I'll be looking this up :-)

    Incidently - I hate cooked courgetted, but love them 'potato peeled' through salads...Zizzis does an amazing Superfood Salad with lots of courgettes. If you haven't eaten there - check it out on the online menu! xx

    1. I've cancelled it now to be honest. The quality was great but I always seemed to end up with a giant cauli or something haha. I've started using the veg stall at either the Fort or the shopping centre in Hamilton. X