Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I know. It's a hideous post title, it really is. To be honest, it totally sums up how I feel. I am buzzing. I managed to SHIFT half a pound tonight. Great because I ate and drank such a lot last week. Double great because I hit my first stone weight loss. 14lb off. Wow. That's 14 small bags of sugar. Or the best part of 3 standard bags of potatoes. That puts it into perspective for me. I'm thrilled beyond belief.

My main meals since I've been back on track have been creamy sweet chilli and roasted red pepper linguine (Parmesan extra) spaghetti with chillies, prawns and rocket, and tandoori chicken kebabs with spiced wedges (we are big pasta eaters). All free on Slimming World. Really? you say. Yes, really. Tomorrow is going to be either spicy pork burgers, chips and salad or Adana kebabs with salad and rice. Either sounds delicious to me to be honest. Tomorrow is also going to be "cook in" day with a couple of short dated boxes of mince i bought today to deal with. Early thoughts, Italian meatballs, kofta and ragu, but who knows what recipe might catch my eye between now and then. You'll just have to wait and see...

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