Saturday, 25 February 2012

In the beginning

In the beginning there is a fat girl trying to be thinner. Over the years I have tried and had mixed success with the dieting thing, losing and gaining the same 3 or 4 stone again and again. It's going to be different this time, I hope.

With my new mindset, new ethos, and desire to be a new me, I decided a few weeks ago to join Slimming World. I tried it years ago with the red and green days and found it too confusing, but now they have introduced the Extra Easy plan which is ideal for people like me, people who cook and don't want to stop cooking. I don't want to live on "diet" food forever. The extra easy plan allows me to eat as much a I like of certain foods (veggies, fruit, lean meat, pasta, rice, noodles, eggs, herbs, spices, certain low fat dairy products) without weighing them. I then have a Healthy Extra A (calcium and dairy) and a Healthy Extra B choice (wheats and cereals). I'll refer to these as HEA and HEB in coming blogs. Everything else gets synned, allowing 10 syns per day for treats etc.

I am 3 weeks in and have lost 13.5lb following this diet. This is a drop in the ocean. I have just had a week off with visiting friends but I am not daunted by the idea of getting back on it. Instead I'm pretty hyped up about it. I have been reading a few more of the success stories and other peoples experiences and I find them both helpful and inspiring. I hope this blog will offer others the same, plus I hope it will encourage me to keep on at it. Keep watching for recipes and daily diaries and hopefully ideas of new things to keep you going too.

You never know, it might just work.

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  1. With good friends, good support and will power you will rock it. If your a good cook like I know you are will power is not needed quite as much just some healthy imagination. I am very excited to see the recipes will keep reading. Xx