Monday, 2 July 2012

Mmm, cheesy

Some things just sound bad for you. By bad for you i mean high syn, high in fat and/or calorie and no way part and parcel of being on a diet in any way. I am thinking the likes of mac and cheese. Cake. Anything with the word "pie" in it. There are things which have been off our family menu since I started this journey because I point blank refuse to use syns on them. Pastry is pretty much a no-go, as is anything containing cream. Or so I thought...

Many years ago I bought a book by Jamie Oliver (you may have heard of him). One recipe from that book which we have made and made over the years is his carbonara. Rich and creamy with egg yolks, Parmesan and double cream it is super tasty and super calorific. Any time we have been on a diet over the years we have scrapped the cream and replaced it with crème fraiche. This certainly reduces the calories, but what I have learned about Slimming World is that it isn't just about calories - the syn values (where applicable) really are based on various criteria - fat being one of them. There are dairy products you can have which are free, being fat free natural yoghurt, fat free fromage frais and quark, but I haven't been convinced any of them are a suitable replacement. I was most pleased then to read recently that the cream is not a classic addition to a carbonara. The blend I have been uses 2 whole medium eggs and 60g Parmesan with your cooked bacon, garlic and herbs. The best bit is it remains free! The fact this meal is now back on the table is a win win win for me and Mr Bee - it is free, quick, simple, perfect for an after work supper and I always have the ingredients in for it.

In other news, I have been working on that rainbow thing i mentioned a couple of posts ago. It is small steps but I am quite proud of it. I bought a top last week in a smaller size (yay) and in a lovely bright print. Teamed with a lovely new pair of navy and cream trim slingback wedges I am thrilled with my new outfit. I'm going away this weekend... I might have to take them with me...

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