Wednesday, 25 July 2012


It's been a bit of a week, all things considered. You might have read about my accident in my previous post, and the weekend of cravings which followed. Those cravings haven't gone away entirely - certainly I don't feel my old self yet - but the New Me doesn't let a simple thing like concussion, stitches and blood loss get in the way. (Disclaimer - for the most part!) I know I'll get my roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy next week so it's all under control, and just knowing that has allowed me to stay 100% on plan since I woke up on Sunday morning, living a syn free life... mostly.

And it has worked! Despite being up on my Wii weigh in all week (a gain which I am blaming entirely on brufen), tonight at class (which I wasn't going to attend) I am thrilled to report I got a 2.5lb weight loss! I am over the moon. My jaw almost hit the ground, so sure was I that I had gained!

They key this week has been preparation. I was at work on Monday and Tuesday as normal, but on Monday in particular I felt tired, drained and disconnected. I felt like I was in a bubble. My vision was odd and my head hurt. Tuesday was more of the same but on a lesser scale. I knew if I was to eat properly and not just get a pizza/Chinese/chippy I had to be organised. Monday was Jamie Oliver's Cherry tomato pasta - chopped cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan all cooked into a tangy sauce. Tuesday was chicken souvlaki style kebabs, wedges and salad. Both dishes were in my tummy in well under 30 minutes, having decided that's what we were having in advance. I keep cubed chicken chunks in weighed bags in the freezer, ready to throw my dressing over, and how much effort is it to wedge a couple of potatoes, spritz with fry light and scatter with herbs?

I'm far from perfect (believe me) but I really believe preparation is key to staying on plan when things gets busy or the motivation isn't there because, y'know, life gets in the way. Odd cook ins here and there (one for tea, one for the freezer), bags of marinated chicken in the freezer and most of all, a well stocked store cupboard. A full freezer and cupboard means you are never far away from the basis of a good, healthy munchable for dinner.

So here is to another well planned week. A teeny little 1.5lb this week will get me my 4.5st award. Then there's only 2.5st left to get my 100lb in 2012. It's starting to feel achievable now...

I think.

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