Sunday, 22 July 2012


Tell me, what's your number one comfort food? Without shadow of a doubt mine would have to be roast chicken, buttery mashed potato and gravy. No vegetables, just that. It's plain and simple in taste, but warm, soft and soothing. What's not to like? It's the one dish I crave when I'm unwell, extremely tired or cold or just under the weather. So it's no surprise to me that it's this very dish I have been craving this weekend - but haven't yet had.

See, on Friday I fainted in the kitchen and knocked myself out on the kitchen floor. I regained consciousness in a pool of blood and spent the afternoon in A&E getting my head sewn back together. Fun times, right?

So started the desire for comfort food.

We had friends over on Saturday for food and drinks. I really didn't want to cancel and my chosen menu was simple Italian fare - low maintenance for cooking with a head injury. I served my family's favourite Chicken Parmagiana with insalata caprese and quality bread, followed by Nigella's no fuss fruit tart. Whilst the menu was not 100% on plan (heaven knows how many syns in the tart!), food wise it suited my mood perfectly. Comforting, simple food eaten with some of my favourite people and accompanied with some lovely drinks.

The comfort food thing hasn't gone away today either. I still don't feel right, I have only just been able to wash my hair properly and the weather is horrific. This combined with my sore wound doesn't call for salads and steamed vegetables. It calls for roast chicken, buttery mashed potatoes and gravy. Sadly for me I didn't have a chicken to roast, so tonight we had my second choice comfort food - sausage, egg and chips, all done the SW way, obviously. (There was no super free on my plate but I did munch on some beetroot before I ate, for those on plan watch!)

All of this combined doesn't bode well for this week's weigh in, however the good news is that I have gone down another dress size! I was hoping to skip the next size but my jeans were hanging off me. I put the new jeans on and got a buzz of excitement - just before i passed out, funnily enough. Hopefully I'll be buying the size smaller again in a couple of months, and that, my friends, is definitely comforting.


  1. Your Nigella tart looks amazing!!!!

    1. That's not SW friendly haha! It was delicious though. And very very easy. X