Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mistletoe and wine

I am really struggling. Christmas is just around the corner and today was my last week at work before the big man comes to visit. I've tried my very best this week,despite having Friday night drinks with a couple of lovely friends and a group lunch with a bunch of mummies at Pizza Express on Saturday.

Oh, the wine!

Oh, the pizza!

Oh, the mince pies.

Mentally I am in a really mixed place. I want to stick to plan, I really do. With so much yummy going on though, this challenge is the greatest yet. December was always going to be tough and whilst I'm certainly not going to ruin my Christmas by being mean with myself, I also don't want to for too far off plan. I still have so far to go and I am going to have one hell of a battle to get back on track in January but Christmas really does come just once a year and I want to enjoy it. My other issue is my physical being - I'm starting to feel really good now when I'm dressed up but in my darkest moments I am still massively disheartened by what I see.

Really I would like to stay on plan as much as possible until Monday but I have nights out on Friday and Saturday and honestly, I know I won't be on plan then. Tomorrow is my last weigh in before Christmas and I won't weigh again until Jan 9th. Sounds like a long time but I have a full week after New Year to get back on plan. Basically I'm going to try and be as good as I can.

After all,  it's a whole year until next Christmas.


  1. Well done for all your hard work so far you look stunning!!!!!! You deserve to enjoy Christmas you have worked so hard this year. Merry Christmas Lynne Kellas xxxxx

  2. You look fabulous - I love that dress! Massive congratulations and good luck!!

  3. You look amazing, I love that dress on you. Have a wonderful Christmas and don't be to hard on your self you have some such a long way this year. Xx

  4. Look at you!!!!! you look awesome in that pic! I now FORBID you to be wearing oversized cotton mixed tops when you have THAT underneath!! xx