Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dear Fatty

Dear Fatty,
Hi there. Remember me? Your diet? I know you've been playing about with me the last few weeks and I'm pleased to see you've been on track this week. Obviously you won't know until tonight how much (if anything) you have lost, but hopefully it's not a gain. It should be a nice loss, if the scales are to be believed, anyway. It needs to be a nice loss, to be honest. You have some very kind people around you (Fiona, Suzy, Ali) who have passed on some beautiful clothes, not to mention a gorgeous leather jacket from your mum... but you can't get the lard arse into them yet, can you? Ah well, if you carry on like this hopefully that beautiful purple dresses will be gracing the lard on Dec 21st at the Christmas party.
Yes, this week there has been ice cream, courtesy of award winning Hamilton ice cream parlour, Equis. Yes, there has been wine. Yes, there has been hunks of ciabatta.. but there has also been loads of free and superhero foods, plus lots of good quality home cooking. I'm pleased to see that. I'm sure the key to your so-far success is variety. You are never bored with food, and the family are all well fed and happy with their grub, homemade with fresh ingredients.
The next few weeks will be hard, I'm not going to lie to you. A 4yo's birthday, nights out, Christmas itself followed by Boxing Day... then New Year. Remember to be kind to yourself though, just stick to it as best you can between socialising, make some good choices and good things will happen.
If you struggle, dont worry. Just keep it up.. you're doing great.
Your Subconscious.

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